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F/T chicks


New Member
Hello! My 1st post. Anyone having issues getting their tegu to eat f/t baby chicks? Dexter is a big boy, a titanium about 15-18 months old. He's been blind since hatching. Breeder said likely due to size and incubation issues (all other hatchlings were fine). He was a huge egg and his dad & uncle are also atypically large. Anyway, he has only eaten 1 chick and won't eat any others. He's a voracious eater and eats mice, rats, hammies, ground turkey, and organ meats like they're free but just carries the chicks around and leaves them in the cool side of his house. They appear to be small enough as the rats and hamsters are bigger and no problem. Is it the down feathers? I've got better things to do than pluck a chick. I have a bunch of them... Any ideas?