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Eema (formerly known as Krone) is back!


Wow, this section is a ghost town. I guess there aren't many Cyclura owners out there. lol. Anywho, I haven't posted in a while due to being super busy. Eema turned 2 years old this past October. I thought she was a he up until she laid a few eggs. For a few days prior, she was very restless. I never seen her like that before. Next thing I know my son wakes me up to tell me there are some eggs by her water dish. Talk about some nice sized eggs too! I normally handle leopard gecko eggs so seeing the size of these rhino eggs really surprised me.

Eema doesn't run away from me anymore when I open her cage to clean or feed her. She allows me to pet her whenever I want. She'll just arch her back and close her eyes while I pet her. I can even trim her nails when she needs it with no issues. When she free roams, she's your typical curious iguana. It's up until I have to hold her to either soak her in the tub or thoroughly clean the tank when she goes totally nuts. If I don't hold her tight she will easily turn to bite me. She squirms, puffs and tail whips with her mouth gaping and everything. I'ts a pretty tense situation every time I gotta do it. Kinda weird because once she goes back in her enclosure she mellows out fairly quickly and acts normal again. It gets to the point where I don't try to hold her due to stressing her out anymore. I'm fine with that as well.

Here is a small youtube video of her:


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Long time man. Your rhino sure has grown, glad to see you around. And yes, not many Cyclura keepers among us!