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Bearded dragon issues

Gray herp

New Member
I know most of you are more specialized in tegus but i've run across a problem with my bearded dragon thats been scaring me to death.

My dragon was adopted from someone who couldnt care for it anymore a few weeks ago. When i first got him he pooped fine, it was healthy but as of late it's been passing right through him.

To understand the scale of this i gave greens around eight this morning and they came out 45 minutes later undigested.

I have him in a 55 gallon tank (i know too small but i'm building him a 30" by 48" soon). He has a spiral uvb atm although i just ordered a reptisun 10.0. The cool side of his tank is in the seventies and i've been having trouble keeping it in the eighties like it should be. Would miving the basking spot to the center help? I'll probablly put a heat matt on the side of the tank in the future to help.

I'm not sure if his diet (collard greens) are the issue or not. I'm just really worried and wondering if anybody knows what coukd be causing this?


Well-Known Member
Stop feeding collard greens only they need less
Fiber. I’d suggest one day with various bugs Ill feed one day dusted super worms as many as she’ll eat the next a mix of squash, sweet potatoes, kale, some slice up grapes and shredded carrots. There are a lot of diet guides out there. To many leafy greens cause runng stole because it’s mostly water.

Gray herp

New Member
Thank you so much! I'd read a lot diet guides and they mentioned the lettuce thing but i didnt know all leafy greens did the same thing. I'll be heasing to the store asap to mix it up.