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B & W tegu changing colors


New Member
So I have an Argentine black and white tegu he/she is one year old and he’s always shedded pretty fast usually about every other week because he was rapidly growing. Then just kind of out of no where he stopped shedding it’s now been 3 months of not shedding and yesterday he finally started shedding. He’s very impatient when his shedding starts he likes to rub against his rock and cage walls and squiggle around trying to break the skin off sometimes even hurting himself with his nails trying to scratch it off, so I put him in the tub to help it come off. He actually really enjoys baths he loves them so he stayed for a really long time in there by the time I got him out almost all of it was off. But then when I picked him up I noticed that his back was orange. He has that bright orange color running down his stomach witch I read was normal but now on his back all of his white spots are now that same orange color and I can’t find anything about the back turning orange as well. Does anyone know what this means???