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Any bird owners?


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I received a 4 month old sun conure for my birthday a week ago! I was so surprised! He's such a cutie! Named him Socrates.
anyone else have a conure?



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my fiance has a pineapple conure. he loves her but hates me and the feelings mutual.lol


Nope no more birds for me. It seems horrible to keep them where they can't fly just to have someone say wow look at the bird lol


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I used to have a couple pacific parrotlets. Very fun birds. Your conure is gorgeous!


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@kimmie: lol kakariki? what an interesting name! I had to look it up, cute lil bird!!!
@ frost: yeah I'm starting to find that a lot of people don't like birds for some reason. haha
@got10: it is sad owning a bird that is clipped. My bird came to me with his wings clipped but i plan to let the feathers grow out and keep him flighted. I want to eventually buy a little harness for him to let him fly around outside but I have a lot of hawks in my area so I'm kind of iffy on that. I've read too many horror stories!
@Josh: thanks =) parrotlets are so cuuuute!
@naturboy87: awww I'm jealous! wish i had the room to own ducks =( I once raised mallard ducklings for a week but my boyfriend was really allergic to them =( so i found them a home with someone with a pond. I miss them =(


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My family used to have a white eyed conure and another type but i was too young at the time to remember exactly as well as a badly abused rescue blue and gold macaw. Then added to that another blue and gold macaw, green-winged macaw, spectacled parrotlet, lutino cockatiel, pied cockatiel, zebra finches, + ring-neck dove. I used to be at a bird store where we got most of ours all the time and got to play with and help raise all the different birds/parrots and the hatchlings were always adorable. My favorite friends there were 2 kookaburra brothers that loved me and i definitely loved them. they were so goofy and friendly, also the softest birds you will ever touch! Their plumage is amazing. Plus I'd always copy their call (or what some refer to as a laugh) and get them both going so loud, it was hilarious. I love their call.

My parents were actually looking to get a sun conure in the past before they ended up rescuing the other two. :]


my wife had a quaker parrot that i could not stand, not only was it noisy but it was nasty and would bite drawing blood, now we have a cockatiel and what a difference in a bird. he of course is in bad need of a mate, but he loves his own reflection