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Another Positive Review for Tegusonly


New Member
Hi Everyone, I ordered my first Tegu a few weeks ago from Tegusonly. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome- he is just a hatchling but he is beautiful. His name is Tigger, and he arrived healthy and happy. And for being just a little guy he was very friendly and didn't have much trouble adjusting! Tigger's been growing like crazy in the 3 weeks I've had him, and hasn't encountered any problems yet. Rodney was very helpful, and responded to every email almost right away! The price couldn't be beat either. I'll definitely be ordering another from him at some point and I encourage anyone interested in purchasing a tegu to check him out!



Forgot to say welcome to the family. I plan on getting another from him hopefully next summer. I would love to have a big male. Still debating on either a high white or a fire belly. My adult female has been a sweet lizard and is currently taking a nap on the couch with my girlfriend. I haven't had many reptiles that enjoyed human interaction but tegus seem too. I'm a happy camper