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Agressive Savannah Monitor! Need help!

Andy Oliva

New Member
So around June I bought a Savannah monitor. He was probably around 3 months old. He was very docile and never puffed and hiss.... Until recently. I did go 4-5 weeks with out holding him due to my busy work and school schedule. I would feed him but I would notice he would puff up. Now when I try to pick him up he hisses at me and runs away. I have gotten him to calm down when I pick him up but it's the same thing the next day.... I've gone a week of handling him for at least 30 min a day. Should I keep this process up to make him docile again? I need help because he's small and I want to make sure he's completely tamed and docile before he gets any bigger! I just need to know how to tame him down. Thanks!!


Just keep working with your savannah and you will more than likely will get the results u want..... Usually you get out what you put in !


New Member
If it were me, I would try multiple short sessions at first. No more than say five minutes to start, maybe two to three times per day. Make the interaction a positive experience for your monitor, and work on building trust. Maybe just work on having your hand near him at first, or touching or petting if he will tolerate it. Work up to holding him. Let him come to you. I just rescued a Savannah last night, so I'm right there with you about working with him a little at a time.