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  1. AlphaAlpha

    Tiny ants getting in food. Help!

    I've always fed Alpha in his enclosure...........Never had any problems 1 hour ?????? load of rubbish.
  2. AlphaAlpha

    My Gu Is Very Small

    I'd cut food offerings down to once every 2 days and make him hungry for a full meal, try to build his appetite up by then becoming more regular. Also being petshop bought he could be food shy or just used to eating whilst no one is around at night or in the dark. I can imagine its not a great...
  3. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu with eating

    Just my opinion but it sounds like you're panicking too much and creating a bad situation...... these are hardy animals don't need wrapping up in cotton wool. I'd personally play about with husbandry, try to give a gradient basking spot, lower or higher the humidity a little....... More often...
  4. AlphaAlpha

    Pink skin. Heed help.

    Looks like a chunk has been taken out
  5. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu moisture

    Just let it dry out unless it starts to smell or mould
  6. AlphaAlpha

    Animal Plastics T70 Review

    Looks good
  7. AlphaAlpha

    Young Tegu not eating, been home for a while

    More common than not ...... A tegu that is Unhappy in his environment will be off his food and generally just survive on the basics.
  8. AlphaAlpha

    How to introduce my 10 month old to my cats and dogs

    Personally I think only you can answer that upon seeing their behaviours... If they are used to each other through the glass though its a great sign
  9. AlphaAlpha

    New baby tegu sleeping almost the whole day

    Its Just settling in .....Remember you turned the little guys whole world on his head, everything it once knew has gone...... be patient and use this time to get him used to your voice a scent.
  10. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu hates enclosure

    :eek::eek::eek: 8ft should be fine........ looks like I'm no help:D:D Hormones/puberty maybe and escaping to find a lady.
  11. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu hates enclosure

    I think looking at the pics ....... He's just out grown his home and testing boundaries pushing the limits to get what he wants.
  12. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu with a forked tail!

    to me it looks like her tail has being butchered in a few place and a regrowth tail has grown while the old regrowth is snapped but still attached if that makes sense .......lol
  13. AlphaAlpha

    Introduction and curious about behavior.

    Alpha does the mouth thing to me on occasion and in my case I know it's meaning get the f*~% away I'm grumpy.
  14. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu keeps scratching everything INCLUDING ME

    Not an expert but I also think this could maybe scent marking if shes coming into adult maturity......... Trying to entice a male to her.
  15. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu wound

    Keep a careful eye out but that should cause no lasting damage ....... To the vets only if it take a turn for the worst.
  16. AlphaAlpha

    Tiny Red Argentine Tegu?

    Great answer walter1 & Rantology Just going say Vet check and meat, meat, meat
  17. AlphaAlpha

    Coconut oil- BAD will burn skin

    I've actually thought this myself as a lot of dark tanning lotions have coconut in the ingredients........... but didn't really have any experience behind it
  18. AlphaAlpha

    Anybody with tribrids on here?

    I'm sure someone will............. Maybe there breeder just called it something else.
  19. AlphaAlpha

    Had his first fuzzy today :)

    Great stuff......... The keeping it small with greater quantities is great advise. At that young age I think you'll be feeding every day still no matter what you feed.
  20. AlphaAlpha

    My new hatchling!

    good advice Rantology By Introducing yourself to him you can't be creating bad habbits........ After all you are the carer and have to build a relationship so your Gu is just going to have to learn to get along. Maybe you reached a little bit too close?? you should be able to see posturing up...