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    pic of female red

    Very pretty, have you gotten eggs from her?
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    look at pix of my tegu

    Very nice pictures! He looks great, and so does the enclosure.
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    Some pics of my male

    Very nice tegu! :)
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    Been a while (pics)

    nice pics, very pretty.
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    The excitement, the suspense! The new Tegu!

    You must be very excited! It's always a killer to wait for yours, but its worth it. :)
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    Hatchling Giants eating video

    Nice video, they look happy and healthy. :)
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    wish my girl luck today (surgery)

    I'm sorry to hear that levi, i hope she pulls through ok.
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    Need help?? Or don't understand everything?

    It worked, great pic. :)
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    Free tegu contest!!

    I just sent mine in. :)
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    some pics...lots of cool pics :)

    Wow, thanks for sharing! :D
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    New Here, Hello All!

    Nice pics, welcome to the forum.
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    new adition to the famely

    Gorgeous animal. I hope you do well with it.
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    Night Lizards

    They look really cool, i might have to look into those.
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    My new Egyptian Uromastyx and Nile Monitor

    Good luck. You're going to need it for that nile. They get huge fast.
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    pic of lance ~ my girl arg.

    She looks good. Thanks for posting.
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    Feeding time

    Mine too. :) Thanks for the pics.
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    pic of my arg. ~ guin

    Very nice. :)
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    pic of angelrose~nice bath after hot wallk

    Nice pics. Most of my animals don't need\like baths.