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  1. RomanPort

    Baffled by Sliding Doors

    Howdy! Recently, I've been working on a design for a custom Tegu enclosure in CAD software. My plan for the door is to have two sliding acrylic windows. The windows also serve as a door by sliding them open. Very similar design to your household windows, but rotated, if that helps. I'm not...
  2. RomanPort

    Searching for Reptile Shows in Minnesota

    Hey all! I'm curious if anyone knows about any reptile shows in southern Minnesota or nearby? I'd really love to go and see Tegus over this summer. Thanks!
  3. RomanPort

    Tegu Pool?

    Hi all! I've been planning on building my own enclosure before I adopt my first Tegu in a few years. I'm still very much in the research stage of this. I've heard some conflicting information on whether or not it would be wise to have a pool large and deep enough for a Tegu to swim in. I've...
  4. RomanPort

    Volunteering with Reptiles

    Hi all! I'm currently a student in Minnesota inside of the United States. I'd like to get involved by volunteering with reptiles, or more specifically, lizards in some way. I'm so fascinated by these reptiles and I'd love to spend more time with them. However, I don't know where I should start...