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  1. Walter1

    New to Tegu

    Welcome. This is a very good site. What sort of twgu are you looking for?
  2. Walter1

    substrate question

    Look for balance between hu.idity and air movement.Stale air kills.
  3. Walter1

    Thank you!

    That's great to hear. A problem shared is a problem halved, as they say! Not to mention the joys and adventures of it all.
  4. Walter1

    Night Temps.

    Winter you'd want it cooler, summer a little warmer = 75ish unless it's only as low as 70 for a few hours.
  5. Walter1

    Male or female help?

    You're welcome.
  6. Walter1

    How to introduce my 10 month old to my cats and dogs

    Well, for what it's worth, mine live separate lives from our dogs.
  7. Walter1

    Young Tegu not eating, been home for a while

    Welcome. Several things are wrong. The dimensions of the enclosure are too small to provide the thermal gradient he needs.At far end should be a cool hide in the mid-70s F. Rest of enclosure should be in low-mid 80s F. Basking temp 110-115 F. Every meal should consist of frozen/thawed mice of...
  8. Walter1

    Male or female help?

    The third photo is very good. Looks like a male to me. I am seeing enlarged scales on either side of the base of the cloaca.
  9. Walter1

    Should I “wake” him up.

    Welcome. Let him settle in. First day they usually eat, then realize they're not in Kansas anymore and hide out for a week or so. Let the routine sink in. in the meantime, place a worn shirt in his hide, and talk to him.
  10. Walter1

    Sick / odd behavior

    Offer her a small meal and watch her. Don't handle her. She may just be very stressed. If she doesn't rally in a few days or if she looks to be getting worse in some way, then get her to a vet.
  11. Walter1

    Tegu tail spasmed like it was dropped

    No guarantee either way. Depends how hard a drop and angle of tail.
  12. Walter1

    Tegu with a forked tail!

    Scrupulous = A discount on the price. Unscrupulous = "It's a morph." charge more.
  13. Walter1

    Tegus having tummy troubles, could I get an opinion?

    Good luck. Please post how things go.
  14. Walter1


    You can help as long as the shed is ready to come off. You'll know as you test it.
  15. Walter1

    Introduction and curious about behavior.

    I do that at home sometimes. Universal message.
  16. Walter1


    Yes. Tail's last to go, which is measure of a successful shed. Add fish oul to food or add canned salmon to diet.
  17. Walter1

    Tegu keeps scratching everything INCLUDING ME

    Wel ome. It means nothing of consequence.
  18. Walter1

    Tiny Red Argentine Tegu?

    Welcome. Yes, something is not right. I can think of two possible causes. One, he thinks it's winter and has slowed down. this is normal and essential for good longterm health of Argentine and Red Tegus. If that is the issue, make sure that the day length is 14-16 hrs long. The ambient air...
  19. Walter1

    Coconut oil- BAD will burn skin

    I second grapes.
  20. Walter1

    I need guidance with my tegu!

    Good to know. Thanks.