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  1. Debita

    Brand new here!

    So so so sorry Goob....I lost a blue tegu that was about 12". It happened about 3 yrs ago and honestly, it's amazing how fast they can grab your heart. I should be over it by now, and I'm sure I am for the most part. Funny though, how my thoughts still go back to him and remember our moments...
  2. Debita


    Lol - that's awesome!
  3. Debita

    Brand new here!

    Gasping for air would scare me... a lot. When Tegus are new, they generally freak out and are very defensive while they try to understand their new digs. They can stop eating, act aggressively (scared), and can really freak out the new owner that thinks they should be buds already. They...
  4. Debita

    Brand new here!

    Lol - well - they get a lot worse, but I don't know anyone that backs away because of them. I don't know how old your son is, but it might be 2 weeks or so before they become bloody scratches. They're not that bad, but a young boy might think so.
  5. Debita

    Brand new here!

    Hey!! Welcome to the forum! There's a lot of good people to help with your Tegu efforts - You have a cute little bug, and already the tell tale scratches of a Tegu owner.
  6. Debita

    New tegu owner here with a few questions

    That's great....just the beginning of a cool and unusual relationship. I remember when my crazy wild male came up and sat on my foot early on in his puberty stage. I figured out that he wanted something, and realized he was just wanting to go back into his enclosure. He does it all the time...
  7. Debita

    New tegu owner here with a few questions

    I would say that any handling is better than losing all of the progress you make in the first year. It does surprise people though - plenty of posts here about "why is my Tegu acting up NOW??? - because they think they're done in that first year, and sure enough, their precious angel turns on...
  8. Debita

    New tegu owner here with a few questions

    Hey Lee - Your doing a great job! The basking spot might be a little high for their size, but prob ok. You've done a good job. Just so you know, I don't know anyone who worries about salmonella, but if you go that route, I don't think there's anything wrong with it....just a lot of work...
  9. Debita

    Where to buy a tegu?

    @ALPHA Alpha is over there.....His is a red, but he might have a reference for you.
  10. Debita

    Help! Recurring Prolapse?

    I'm not that experienced with prolapse, but did have an impacted Tegu that needed help, and prolapsed once. One of the things I read at that time was that there's nothing wrong with gently assisting the prolapse back into the vent. I understood that when the tissue that's protruding dries out...
  11. Debita

    HELP! Tegu or nah?

    Love the "Tegu in a basket"
  12. Debita

    Newish Tegu Keeper

    Very nice!! I have dealt with LLL for a long time and they try to do well by their customers. Stuff happens. I lost a baby blue Tegu about 2.5 years ago that I bought from them and it was def their fault on some level. I have since become friends with one of the managers. Don't forget...
  13. Debita

    HELP! Tegu or nah?

    I agree with Rant, and Stephen....once you're ready, (spatially as well as mentally) it's better to think Tegu because it can be a rough go in the first 2 years. It's a crap shoot trying to know how a young Tegu will be in it's first couple years. I've had both. Satan's Spawn, and The Peach...
  14. Debita

    New Tegu Owner

    What a beauty!! From your photos, Ted seems more like Tina. My B/W Argentine female looked a lot like yours. And, at 37" she would show more jowls if she were a male. I would not feed her every day unless you just like doing it - but watch her weight closely. My male eats about every 2-3...
  15. Debita


    I agree with Rantology...that's a pretty small enclosure though, and you're going to have probs trying to get your ambient temps. I think that's the only prob with small tanks when it comes to Tegus. Their ambient temps still matter. He/she will need a cool area of around 70-75 dg. 100 watts...
  16. Debita

    What is this? Please help. (injury?)

    If they've been rubbing, it def grows back healthy, but doesn't quite look the same. Might stay darker than it was before. It should continue to improve if that's what it is.
  17. Debita

    Is my tegu entering brumation?

    I think the preparations have begun!
  18. Debita

    Quail eggs

    They love raw egg - and are fearless egg hunters in the wild. That's one of the reasons Florida is trying to eradicate them. They devour the alligator eggs there, and are causing a danger to the population....which affects the whole ecosystem eventually. Some people caution against raw egg...
  19. Debita

    Tegu keep eye closed

    My male did that and it was a humidity problem. Cured it as soon as I increased the frequency of my mister.
  20. Debita

    Early brumation?

    Their internal clock is ticking and the days are already getting shorter. It's amazing how aware of it they are. I wouldn't fight it - I've never heard of it being a November thing. September wouldn't surprise me at all - shorter days, cooler...he's not that far off! I already spoke to...