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  1. kellen.watkins

    outdoor play pens

    Has anyone tried this? Seeing up an outdoor enclosure just for their tegus to get some natural light build trust and ease them into sensory overload?
  2. kellen.watkins

    so sad, they grow so fast!

    Hello all have not posted in a while but have been reading threads. Today i'm putting out a donation box in front of a local reptile friendly pet store for my tegu's hides, water dishes and a lot of their decorations cause sadly they have outgrown them and still try to snuggle up and sleep in...
  3. kellen.watkins

    have to move with hibernating tegusso

    So I have to move soon will start tomorrow have all month though anyways my red is in a 40g breeder so that's no big deal but my extreme vanilla is asleep in a 4'x4'x2' I'm not sure how to get her moved without waking her. Any ideas?
  4. kellen.watkins

    goofy behavior

    So eli was up early and I mess around in his tank when he's up moving thing misting his cage cleaning poo ect I watch him closely cause he's charged more than once this morning though he didn't arch his back when my hand got near nor did he do the snake tail manuever instead he calmly walked...
  5. kellen.watkins

    update on Eli

    Hey all, Been awhile since I posted or anything really not much tegu action goin on nikkitine and vanilla are both in hibernation but eli is awake I've been ignoring him a lot and its kinda working (for those who don't know eli has been a tempermental nightmare since day 2) he tolerates my...
  6. kellen.watkins

    liquid bedliner?

    Has anyone ever used this on a wood enclosure, I saw myth busters last week and the stuff makes wooden walls bomb proof lol and its polyurethene and rubber seems like it can work
  7. kellen.watkins

    meet nikkytine

    I got my red gu from underground this morning she's a pretty girl :-) a few concerns though one of her front toes don't work it could be broken, has a scar on the base of her tail, and all the skin from her previous shed is still on her back feet and it looks like she might lose a couple toes...
  8. kellen.watkins

    thats it, time to break it up your both on time out lol

    I moved my tegus in together about a week ago and they have been together before and did fine and they were fine when I moved them into a 8x4 together but eli has been acting aggressive when someone gets near the tank (I spy on him thru a vent hole and he is fine when no people are present) and...
  9. kellen.watkins

    does anyone on here have a paraguyan red and white from underground?

    Just curious if anyone has one I'm seriously considering getting one and have not seen many pics of what they look like thanks all :-)
  10. kellen.watkins

    building custom enclosure... finally lol

    So I've been preparing eli's custom enclosure for well over a month now finally got some time off work and started hitting the drill and saw yesterday and my girlfriend is doing the majority of the painting, had to call it a night yesterday got too late and I started getting too drunk lol here...
  11. kellen.watkins

    weird eaters?

    Is anyone elses gu eat weird? What I mean is vanilla will eat turkey by ripping it to shreds flinging it everywhere and will spend 5 to 10 minutes tracking down every little piece she flung before starting a new piece (I break up raw meats into balls)
  12. kellen.watkins

    blue eyed tegus?

    So out of boredom I was looking for adult 75%blue x 25% red tegus to get an idea of what eli will look like, no luck on that but I did find this, a tegu that was for sale last year on fauna that has one brown eye and one blue eye. Are there blue eyed tegus and can this be bred out (or in) blue...
  13. kellen.watkins

    vanilla and Eli together

    So I have been working with eli a lot and saw vanilla come out (she's slowed down a lot) so I put my hand out and she climbed right up it! So after handling her for a while I went to put her back in and she wanted nothing to do with her tank so I opened eli's tank and she went right in, after...
  14. kellen.watkins

    t-shirt trick?

    Does anyone know if this actually works or helps, like has anyone had 2 tegus and done the trick with one and not with the other and determine the difference? Any input would be nice I'm gonna start doing it with eli (also eli is starting his 2nd shed and really starting to whiten up :-)
  15. kellen.watkins


    So I had my hands in eli's cage smoothing out substrate ect he straight jumped out of his hide and bit me, I told my buddy about it and he said his tegu did it a lot when it was small and what he did was spray dust off (it has a bittergent in it to keep people from huffing it) on his hands and...
  16. kellen.watkins

    Vanilla update

    So vanilla has barely been eating and only coming out a half hour a daay to get a small bask and some water so I'm pretty sure she is getting ready to go down for hibernation (she's got the orange on her belly too) I was able to snap a pic I'm sure it will be the last one until spring my has she...
  17. kellen.watkins

    The elusive Eli lol

    So eli used to bail when I opened the door, then he would bail when I would approach the cage, and today I finally was able to approach the cage and take pics! So here are some pics enjoy, and as I was writing this thread I took more of him brutally eating a fuzzy
  18. kellen.watkins

    woohoo! my hybrids first shed

    Talk about some major difference in growth rates with the extremes. Vanilla was shedding the first week I got her and grows like a weed, eli though doesn't grow nearly as fast as her (it amazes me everytime I see them both out at the same time and how much bigger vanilla is) so finally after 2...
  19. kellen.watkins

    taming curiousity

    So with my 2011 extreme I broke the trust bond with her when she escaped, its impossible to handle her as she darts into her hide if my hand gets near her, my question is sometimes I can open the cage and she will just watch me warily has anybody taken their tegus hide out of the cage before...
  20. kellen.watkins

    hibernation ?

    So I was curious as to if some species of tegus go down sooner then others in general, like since reds and blues breed later in the year does that mean they go down later than extremes and B/W's, just curious it would be nice to see my extreme go down a month or so before Eli so when they wake...