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  1. kellen.watkins

    DIY or custom-made?

    Build it how you want it. Frame it paint it wall it. There are forums of other peoples progress building enclosures some better than others. As far as custom made I looked around and a far as an adult enclosure I've yet to see one less than a grand. Same if you get a large plastic and pvc...
  2. kellen.watkins

    DIY or custom-made?

    Build one that's my suggestion. I built an 8x4x2 plywood plexiglass windows waterproof less than 150$ excluding lights (not fixtures) and I am by no means a carpenter just a little handy.
  3. kellen.watkins

    Is my tegu going into hibernation??

    Let him be keep offering food and water you will know when he's out. They are Hardy smart creatures :-)
  4. kellen.watkins

    building my new argentine tegu the best tegu cage ever

    Swim is a maybe some do, climb they will a little but will stop with age most of the time. Also be careful with a pond more than likely your tegu will fill it with dirt tear down your decorations. Same with plants real and fake lol your tegu will wind up decorating it the way he/she wants too lol
  5. kellen.watkins


    Hmmm, too small to tell in my opinion... I would have to say female as a wild guess but can't tell. Mine are 3' long and its still hard to tell (they both have grown well and are yearlings)
  6. kellen.watkins

    CBB Argentine Black and White Tegus $99 ea.

    I can see a couple porkers in there lol
  7. kellen.watkins

    Is my tegu going into hibernation??

    It can be an import. most imports are CB problem being and what's sad is they come from leather farms in south America. If you got it in may which basically means its egg was laid February or march at the earliest. There's a post from Bobby on his website about being cautious about buying baby...
  8. kellen.watkins

    Is my tegu going into hibernation??

    What are your temps? How old is your gu where did you get your gu. It seems a little early for hibernation, if its a baby and you got it in may there's a chance its an import and its cycles are all out of wack. Went thru it a couple years back the tegu barely at or came out all summer and picked...
  9. kellen.watkins

    How much do you feed a Argentine Black and White?

    Babies should eat to their hearts content. After about a year about one good sized meal a day and after 2-3 years 3-4 days a week. They will east you out of house and hinge if you let them lol
  10. kellen.watkins

    Tank Size for a hatchling?

    I kept mine in a 40g breeder til they out grew it. One of them actually stayed in a 20g (for a week) there was no issues.
  11. kellen.watkins

    Varnyard 2012 Reds

    That's 90k not including shipping food costs of the babies food costs of the adults (throughout the year that's huge) lights supplements ect.. That's 600 customers 600 names 600 emails plus all the other calls about the reds the extremes the AA's plus crazy people who call and complain for all...
  12. kellen.watkins

    Varnyard 2012 Reds

    Be careful with underground I have ordered two tegus from them and never had a "smooth experience" with them. One instance they messed up the order and wound up chasing a fed ex truck til 8 at night. The other instance the tegu came in bad shape. I've had one dealing with Bobby and it went well...
  13. kellen.watkins

    Vanilla update

    Hello all just posting a new pic of my 2011 extreme vanilla she's a little over a year now hovering at 3' going thru her puberty phase.
  14. kellen.watkins

    Describe Your Tegu in One Word

    Vanilla = sweet Eli = jerk
  15. kellen.watkins

    tegus and expos?

    We just had one in Reno and they only had Columbians for sale and were charging 80$ for them (horrible expo) usually there's a Web site or somewhere to find info on who has booths ect
  16. kellen.watkins

    biggest pet lizard...

    People shouldn't own one but out its the largest lizard a person can own :-) shoe one for me lol
  17. kellen.watkins

    biggest pet lizard...

    Just looked into it they aren't illegal and are captive breed and were the worlds second largest lizard... Well maybe illegal in some states [hr] Sorry I meant are not were
  18. kellen.watkins

    biggest pet lizard...

    I could have sworn I've seen croc monitors for sale I could be delusional though lol
  19. kellen.watkins

    biggest pet lizard...

    What about croc monitors I thought they were the longest reaching 11'
  20. kellen.watkins

    AA size

    It could be an AA I see some extreme in it maybe blue see some characteristics that my hybrid has, doesn't look terribly small not big either