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  1. got10

    more receptive?

    I noticed that there are many blue x red, B/W x red, and blue /bw crosses. Which of the three has females more receptive to crossing ? The reds ,blues or b/w?
  2. got10

    Grazing behavior?

    I had Gonzo and the crew out this morning taking advantage of the free UV rays, while my son was playing in the yard, And lo and behold while the other Gu's are walking around the yard, Gonzo was eating something.And anyone knows that they will eat whatever whenever wherever even if its not good...
  3. got10

    herpers need help on long Island

    Alot of people in the long Island Island Park, long beach New York area are needing help in sheltering their animals during the recent turn of events in the region. If anyone knows of anyplace that would be a suitable foster during what might be a refugee type of situation for many people like...
  4. got10

    right place wrong time

    The supermarket that I use has had 2 gators there in as many days. and the worse part is that i was at the pizza shopacross the parking lot the day the first one wa found and I was IN the lot about 20min before they found the second one. I sure as heck would've kept it if I found it first
  5. got10

    cage plans

    Does anyone have cage plans/ diagrams up to give design ideas. I have been fortunate enough to have ten Gu's but the room they lived in is now being invaded by an intrusive species called sister in law and i need to build an enclosure in the worse way. or be forced to put my sister in law up for...
  6. got10

    Location PLEASE

    Hi We have lots of people that don't have locations listed(im probably one of them) It would be helpful so we could help each other out in emergency situations like fostering when someone is moving or going through a generally hard time or a " hey ,I could hold one for you til ya get back on...
  7. got10

    Marbled crawfish as a food

    I feed my Gu's craw-fish and other inverts as part of the foraging enrichment for their mental health.Unfortunately where I live craw fish are a bit on the expensive side unless you get them at a bait shop . I dont want them to get parasites like fluke worms. so i freeze everything for at least...
  8. got10

    So Happy

    I found some crested eggs in the bottom of the cage just a few weeks ago and assumed the eggs were bad. I was wrong so I have four new tiny geckos and hopefully some more after that . YIPPEEE.!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart: Now I just have to wait for my Tegus to drop
  9. got10

    Arrest Zimmerman

    Just imagine, if that was your kid walking with a bag of skittles in his hand.....
  10. got10

    more blues ?

    Doe's anyone have any knowledge or info about the shipment of b/w tegus that had blue tegus mixed in the group? I would like to get ANY info on if they where farmed wc or what?This was supposedly sent to the UK. And any info of what importer exported them, because there might be a new group to...
  11. got10

    UV a/b bulbs for sale

    Uv a/b bulbs for sale .100w 160w and 250w available. also the Megaray HE in stock . contact this writer for prices . I will be at nov12 show roosevelt hall in SUNY Farmingdale