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    6yr old B&W didn’t make it through hibernation

    wud up all, I went to try to wake up my B&W tegu from hibernation last week and he was dead. He was 6yrs old, always left water for him during hibernation and offered food. He had deep bedding and a hid box. He always went into hibernation after the female but, always woke up before her. We did...
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    I’m been having an issue getting my B&W tegus to breed. The male is about 4yrs old and female about 2 yrs old. They both hibernated over the winter but, don’t seem interested in each other. The female hibernated on her own but, this was the males first time going through hibernation. They get...
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    New and Help Needed whit new Tegu :P

    Wud up All? I'm the VA Farmer. I have chickens, Goats, Alpacas, Rabbits, Tortoise and tegus. Ive had a 5year old male Tegu and just purchased a 2year old female tag 2 weeks ago. I want to start breeding the tegus but I have 2 issues. 1. The new female stopped eating once I put them in together...