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  1. JoshD

    How many bugs to feed to a baby bearded dragon

    It can vary & you will quickly learn about his appetite. I try to offer each of my babies at least 10 little bugs per feeding. Leaving a deli cup with a hole cut out of the top as a feeding cup with bugs in it will assure he's getting enough if you're worried.
  2. JoshD


  3. JoshD


    Not at all, springtails will be very beneficial to your enclosure & maintenance. I have them in almost all my enclosures, It's amazing how much waste they can consume.
  4. JoshD

    Quail Eggs - $5 Dozen

    I'd have to check? I'm in Sunland, near LA & may be running some errands down there this wknd? Shoot me a text with your location & what you're interested in. Thanks! 8182904482
  5. JoshD

    Planning for new monitor

    I use a mix of organic peat moss (cheap @ Home Depot), wood chips & leaf litter for substrate.
  6. JoshD

    Keeping tegus on a budget, how to save money!

    We raise quail & often have extra adult males to give away, If your in the LA or San Fernando Valley area hit me up.
  7. JoshD

    Quail Eggs - $5 Dozen

    We have fresh, fertile quail eggs available in the San Fernando Valley area of SoCal. These are completely organic & are amazing lizard food. $5 Dozen. We also hatch out chicks every 3 weeks. $3 Each. Discounts for scheduled or regular orders.
  8. JoshD

    Quail eggs

    Can't go wrong there!
  9. JoshD

    Anyone use buffalo beetles in Dubia colony or in tegu setup

    They make an excellent cleaning crew & I have them in all my bug bins & bio active enclosures which range in size from tiny Mourning Gecko cages to a 7' x 4' x 4' monitor enclosures & many in-between. They do breed like crazy but we have yet to have overpopulation become a problem at all.
  10. JoshD

    Sad news

    These are the tough parts of our hobby. Sorry to hear.
  11. JoshD

    Cleaner beetles

    Not in any way. I have them with Green Tree & Savanah Monitors, Bearded Dragons, Abronia & several types of geckos.
  12. JoshD

    Cleaner beetles

    Buffalo beetles should do the trick.
  13. JoshD

    buffalo beetles

    Yes, absolutely. We add them to all our bio-active enclosure's, especially for the larger animals (monitors).
  14. JoshD

    Bioactive substrate question

    We don't have any tegu's but do have 8 bioactive enclosures ranging from small paludarium's to large monitor enclosures. The largest is 7' x 4' x 4' containing a pair of Green Tree Monitors. None require little more than occasionally blasting a plant or log with a strong mister with the...
  15. JoshD

    Where can I buy PVC boards for an enclosure?

    I recently went through this looking for material to build a snake rack. After a couple weeks and endless web searches / phone calls I ended up finding 4'x8' sheets of Centex at a sign company. It was an hr drive each way but worth it considering what it costs to ship a sheet to souther ca. I...
  16. JoshD

    Savannah Monitor help questions.

    These are all very good things! The fact that its regulating it's temp is excellent & odds are it was knocked over in the feeding process. Aggressiveness is also a very good sign when it comes to Savannah's. Keep up the good work! Not sure if your enclosure includes any kind of substrate but...
  17. JoshD

    Savannah Monitor help questions.

    If you have no access to a vet I would step up the size of your heat bulb, they really need a "Hot Spot" & in my experience underheating or overfeeding are the most common mistakes made with Savannah's. Try offering a variety of different items, live & prepared (ground turkey, egg or even wet...
  18. JoshD

    Savannah Monitor help questions.

    10 crickets at a sitting is ok but Savannah's are notoriously good feeders so if it's not feeding voraciously I would start by making sure it has a warm enough basking area which is critical for digestion. At one end of the enclosure place a hot flood light above a flat rock or piece of tile for...
  19. JoshD

    Free Quail in the LA/SFV area of SoCal

    Thanks, not a bad idea. We found these lucky guys a home in a pen full of hens.