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  1. new2tegus

    Lighting questions

    Okay, so I've finally moved Jekyll out of his old enclosure which was relatively small compared to him, into the boamaster 6x3x4 or something along those lines. He has his own room so I let him roam often,but my problem is this. He likes to jump, and before the basking spot wasn't getting hot...
  2. new2tegus


    So, I was shutting the cage door, and yes,I did it. :( . I caught Jekyll's foot in the door,I felt so horrible, it was so quick,I stopped right away. I'm hoping no damage was done, but there is only one way to be sure. He held it in the air for a few seconds and I gently started rubbing his...
  3. new2tegus

    buried food

    So my tegu ate a mouse he buried, and I thought I got everything out of his cage. So my question is how worried should I be. That was his first time he's done that, so I assumed he ate it. I know it has bacteria in it, and our stomachs have mechanisms to break down these things, as do theirs. Am...
  4. new2tegus

    Update on Jekyll

    Well he's up and pushing floor feet now lol. He's been up for a month now. Here is a pic of the little monster. This pic is three sheds old though.
  5. new2tegus

    Food rot?

    I'm just curious, how long does it take for them to hit this. I fed him a hopper, that's all he wanted about 4 days ago, haven't seen him since. I don't want him to get to comfortable having not gone poo yet, and just hibernate and have it sitting in him, should I get him up? Let him go to the...
  6. new2tegus

    caiman lizards

    I'm looking for some info on these. Just what are the basic needs, and what not, best place to look for one, if anyone has a breeder in mind and what not. Enclosure requirements and temps and all. If anyone has information and can share some knowledge here, that would be great, because I'm very...
  7. new2tegus

    Mood changes

    Okay, I'm pretty sure my guy is down for the count now. It's been about 6 days I believe, and I haven't seen him since,but I'm just curious if they get moody before going down. The last time he was out, wasn't good,and I feel so horrible. I love him so much, it reminds me of my first lizard...
  8. new2tegus

    well, got another lizard...

    Went tolove the reptile show up at oaks PA. Walked out with a hypo citrus male bearded, and looking to go to hamburg to pick up an italian hypo translucent female.
  9. new2tegus

    poop and hibernation

    Okay, other than quite a bit less of an output he's in perfect health. He eats everyday 2-3 fuzzies, sometimes 4,and is quite active. So should I be worried, because he use to leave a pile and now it's about half.
  10. new2tegus

    whole prey foods

    Hi everyone, just wondered if someone could break down the whole prey items by size of a tegu. I know Jekyll is close to 24in and finishing off a bag of fuzzies then going to hoppers. Just wondered what size would he need to be for rat pups or fuzzies and for later prey animals.
  11. new2tegus

    scale question, help?

    So I noticed a couple of days ago Jekyll has a light gray blue colored scale on top of his head. He is in good health and just finished shedding. So I'm not sure if that's why or if it's fungal. His humidity is about 85% or so, and it's a cypress eco earth mix. He's eating regularly 3-4 fuzzies...
  12. new2tegus

    handling questions

    So I'm at the point where he trusts me, quite a bit now. He will come over, take food from me, and sleep on me. He will even sleep facing away from me with my hand behind him. The cage until I get a stand is on the ground, which is fine but makes it difficult to get my hand into a position to...
  13. new2tegus

    Wanted : aa, extreme or bw tegu hatchling

    Well, I was hoping to get the gf in on this, just didn't think it'd be so soon. As the title says we would be looking for a female, banking on Jekyll being a male, I hope, and hoping there would be less aggression between male and females. Any leads would be great.
  14. new2tegus

    Need a warning lol

    I just think you should put a warning on the tegus. Something like very addictive, you will want more. I work overnights, and I am suppose to sleep, but I wait up for him to get up and eat. I have to work on the gf to get another lol.
  15. new2tegus

    Feeding tips and tricks.

    Well like it says I'm looking for some previous tegu owners to help myself, and maybe some others out here. I'm trying to fatten the little guy up. A couple of problems I've had were feeding him outside the enclosure, which has become a catch 22. I leave my hand in there and he's okay with that...
  16. new2tegus


    Okay, so I have a bit of a concern, my tegu likes to take his food off his plate,and I'm worried the mulch will be an issue. I'm about ready to throw this crap out, so I don't have to worry each time I see him pick up a piece of food that has a piece of mulch on it. He spits it out,but I still...
  17. new2tegus

    How Often ?

    Just wondering how often everyone feeds their gu. I try to feed him twice a day, sometimes he eats like a pig both meals and others, only at one meal and a snack. Just curious what and how often you're feeding. Tried crickets and mealworms, hate them both. Currently waiting for my pinkies and...
  18. new2tegus

    Little help

    I have a boamaster enclosure, which isn't bad for his size now,but what is, is the large gaping hole in the top of the enclosure. It's around 90 degrees in there as an ambient temp,and the humidity is around 75%. He always seems warm and active, and will regularly go into his hide box to cool...
  19. new2tegus


    Well here he is, these are with my cell as I've misplaced my digital camera charger. This was his very first day. Since then he's gotten fat, shed, nipped me once, then fell asleep in my hand, and I think of him as my child lol.
  20. new2tegus

    Plants and hides?

    I was just curious what sorts of plants and hides people have used? Have you made your own hides, and if so, what have you made them out of, and any pics. What plants can you put in there that won't have any adverse affects on the tegu? Please let me know, and post pics if you can, just trying...