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  1. new2tegus

    Just some things about my blue =)

    Damn, that's a great idea, I'm going to steal that, should've thought of a ceramic tile.....
  2. new2tegus

    Lighting questions

    I would, but it's the force at which he hits them with that's destroying them. He's not breaking the actual bulb, just the filament. He knocks the lights into each other, so I'm going to have to come up with a more permanent less accessible light source. I'm thinking uvb uva strip mounts on the...
  3. new2tegus

    this is why we cant have nice things.

    Same with Jekyll, he lives up to his name. It's amazing how strong they are. I have to get a hide box, and a single large basking rock, if anyone has suggestions on a rock or place to get one, that would be great. I am using a 12x12 paver which is to small, and it's on smaller pavers to bring it...
  4. new2tegus

    Lighting questions

    Okay, so I've finally moved Jekyll out of his old enclosure which was relatively small compared to him, into the boamaster 6x3x4 or something along those lines. He has his own room so I let him roam often,but my problem is this. He likes to jump, and before the basking spot wasn't getting hot...
  5. new2tegus


    So, I was shutting the cage door, and yes,I did it. :( . I caught Jekyll's foot in the door,I felt so horrible, it was so quick,I stopped right away. I'm hoping no damage was done, but there is only one way to be sure. He held it in the air for a few seconds and I gently started rubbing his...
  6. new2tegus

    Your largest Tegu?

    Jekyll is around 38 inches and not sure on weight right now, but he's a good size and healthy. Just being a snot right now because I don't let him roam everyday lol. He will seriously go to the bathroom in the far corner to get out the door lol. I put food in he wants out lol, walks past the...
  7. new2tegus

    buried food

    So my tegu ate a mouse he buried, and I thought I got everything out of his cage. So my question is how worried should I be. That was his first time he's done that, so I assumed he ate it. I know it has bacteria in it, and our stomachs have mechanisms to break down these things, as do theirs. Am...
  8. new2tegus

    Update on Jekyll

    Once I move I'm going to get a couple of humidifiers for his cage,but for the most part his cage is sealed save for some vent fans on it. He is going to love his new cage.
  9. new2tegus

    Hot Hot Hot For Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ohh run Godzilla eating our food lol.
  10. new2tegus

    Cheapest Website for Feeder Mice/Rats?

    I need to figure something out, my gu is up to three XL mice a day. He also hates, and I do mean hates ground turkey. He buries it each time it goes in lol.
  11. new2tegus

    This years varnyard stock.

    Okay,normally I don't respond to these, but here is a start. One, just give him a call and leave a message. Email isn't a sure fire thing, when I have talked to him he's been great, and his tegus speak for themselves. Also before you count him out, just do this. The accident with Florida adding...
  12. new2tegus

    Update on Jekyll

    Wish I could say yes,but it is. This cage is for my beardie from boamaster. The other one is setup for a tegu,I'd say get the humidifier system, but mine crapped out after four months. So I spray the cage down very hour or so.
  13. new2tegus

    i would love to charge my phone but.....

    Haha that's great . My gf cat lays on cell phones for the heat. Wonder what Jekyll would do to mine?
  14. new2tegus

    Update on Jekyll

    Thank you, I do love the extremes, he's staring at me as I type this. Scratching his door wanting out.
  15. new2tegus

    high white giant (storm)*pics added*

    He's in a new shed too lol. They grow so fast. He's averaging three XL mice a day. I am very glad he is so gentle with me haha, the classic tegu crunch tells me without looking that use to be a skull. He isn't food aggressive to where I'd worry. He has very good aim lol. The one time he was...
  16. new2tegus

    high white giant (storm)*pics added*

    I can't wait till he's the same size as your guys lol. They look great. He's in the middle of another shed, his head always seems brown now lol.
  17. new2tegus

    Great New!!!!!

    That's good news, I'm glad to hear it, he looks great.
  18. new2tegus

    high white giant (storm)*pics added*

    I'll see your high white and raise ya one lol
  19. new2tegus

    Update on Jekyll

    Well he's up and pushing floor feet now lol. He's been up for a month now. Here is a pic of the little monster. This pic is three sheds old though.
  20. new2tegus

    sleepy time it is.

    Mine too,but I'm hoping he will get up again to go to the bathroom as he ate a few days ago. He won't refuse food though, but goes back down, and has been for about 4 days now.