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Recent content by Waters

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    Playing or not?

    Sounds like Monitor behavior :) Probably just taking advantage of his small, light body while he can lol.
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    Feeding a Tegu

    To answer the questions that weren't answered yet.....I have alway purchased my rodents from rodentpro.com. Regarding meal prep, I make my meal mixtures ahead of time and put them in daily, individual Tupperware containers. I just pull one out the night before and let it thaw in the fridge...
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    New large enclosure design

    I used furniture grade birch. The inside needs to be treated due to the high humidity (that is true for any wood). I just used latex paint but there are a bunch of different sealers that would work.
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    Talken' Tegu!

    Definitely a no :)
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    Fogger lowering surface temps

    Sounds good! Good luck :)
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    Fogger lowering surface temps

    The humidity levels in their natural habitat is between 60-80%, depending on where they are found. As long as you are measuring levels at lower in the cage, you should be fine. Since you are using a smaller glass aquarium, you can also use a high humidity hide and keep the enclosure humidity...
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    Fogger lowering surface temps

    Are you measuring humidity at the substrate level where the tegu spends most of his time, or up high by the lights? Normally foggers keep most of the humidity down low....you said air humidity under the lights doesn't go much over 75%........it might be closer to 100% down lower where that...
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    Fogger lowering surface temps

    Are you measuring humidity levels throughout the day? When you say the fogger is on all day, is it actively fogging all day or is it on a timer? If it isn't on a timer, I would use a hygrometer and only have it turn on when it is needed. That will solve your surface temp issues. If it is on...
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    Garuth and the Preowning Stage

    No, they don't need to be descaled........just feed them whole, depending on the size of your tegu of course.
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    Garuth and the Preowning Stage

    Or better yet.....fish :) Mine loves silversides.
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    Bioactive substrate question

    I personally would just switch to an easier to keep clean, scoop-able substrate such as topsoil/peat/sand and spot clean as needed. You would have to have a huge clean up crew to maintain an enclosure that large......and it would take a long time for it to become established.
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    Need Help with viv setup please.

    Regarding the distance from the UV....I would just follow the manufacture's recommendations. The Arcadia bulbs give distance from the bulb based on each model they carry.
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    basking area ideas

    This is mine if it helps.......
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    Is there such thing as too much silicone?

    Assuming it is 100% silicone, when it is cured, there is no danger to animals.
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    New large enclosure design

    Thanks :) It costed a lot more than it needed to since i used furniture grade birch but if I had to guess probably around 500. That includes the glass, wood, stain, and metal screening for the canopy. Does not include the cabinets, lighting, or Mist King. If you include those, probably...