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    Do You Own a Temp Gun?

  2. ToadHallBetty

    Update on Killua (Bad vendor experience)

    Little Buddy also has a rusty red color on his underside. Vendors like to call them "Florida Fire Bellies" but it actually occurres in B&W tegus from all over.
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    Help (new tegu won't eat)

    Take your tegu to be checked at a good reptile vet. Tegus love to eat, even wild caught ,like Little Buddy, eat well soon after being brought home.
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    Update on Killua (Bad vendor experience)

    A lot of the Tegus that come from Florida are wild caught. That could explain him being beat up, also a good idea to have him checked for parasites. My Little Buddy was wild caught in Florida and he is a wonderful little dude.
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    Tegu bites anything and everything I hold or pick up!

    LoL, Little Buddy will leap out of his enclosure at me when I open the door. Target train your Tegu so he knows there will be no food in he doesn't see the target. "Clint's Reptiles" recently put out a video about target training a big Tegu.
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    Tegu won't stop biting at random

    My Tegu Little Buddy has a similar behavior. He will be climbing around on me, looking around,, he will start nosing me and then bite. I think it may be a scent , visual or both. When I see him looking down and smelling or if he digs, I distract him and he stops. Some colors also attract him, he...
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    Escape Attempts - Needy tegu help

    Get a zen habitat 2x2x4 . You can get an expansion kit and make into a 2x2x8 later on. Lots of hides and enrichment, Little Buddy really likes his reptile hammock and he closes his hide when he goes to bed at night. It will keep you tegu out of trouble. (be sure to get pvc,not wood)
  8. ToadHallBetty

    Lazy or sick Tegu

    I thought so or he wouldn't have a huge inclosure. Take him to the vet make sure he is healthy or get him healthy. Maybe. Look into enrichment for his inclosure. He will be happy.
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    Tegu bites hurt...but not how I expected them to hurt

    Tonks, my hybred tegu bit me with purpose, she came to me with a fear of humans, my hand was lacerated, got blood on my favorite pants.
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    Lazy or sick Tegu

    He could be overweight, sick, or brumating. If he were mine, I would get him checked out at a good reptile vet. A Tegu in a nice cage with the proper tempaturs and diet won't be unhappy. You can check his body condition , temps, type of lighting and diet with the vet while making sure he is...
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    Sketch is a climber!!

    Tonks can climb up shelves and she will often climb into the window to look outside and sun herself.
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    What is Normal Baby Tegu Shedding?

    I have to disagree, shed that is loose and comes off easily or stuck shed that has been soaked and can be gently peeled off is fine to remove. Never peel off shed that doesn't easily come off on lizards. Once a snake has started shedding the old skin is ready to go. I keep moist cocoa fiber...
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    How to get my tegu to stop pooping all over the floor

    Some people give their Tegus a warm soak before letting them out. They will often relieve themselves in the water.
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    Tegu police came to my house :(

    Last year Tegus were outlawed in Alabama. Those of us with pet tegus could apply for a license to keep our pets. (I did) Today a forest service ranger dropped in on me to see my tegus. (the permit said we would be given reasonable warning before an inspection, I wasn't) I'm not sure what he was...