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    8x4x4 enclosure ideas? wood preferred. diy stuff

    You're welcome - t's a good, easy and inexpensive option for now if you find building a custom enclosure is beyond you and since you're talking about $300 total cost and maybe an hour assembling the top, you can use it as a temporary fix till custom building one becomes feasible. Once you're...
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    Rex is sleeping a lot

    I'm living down in Orlando and my boy Rex has got himself on an odd schedule as he'll usually will sleep till around noon or so and then crash between 10pm and midnight. Now though, he's sleeping till six or seven and after sunning himself a bit and grabbing a light snack, then crashing again...
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    8x4x4 enclosure ideas? wood preferred. diy stuff

    I actually went with a 7x3 foot water trough from a farm and feed store - they run $250 +/-. For the top I got three 2x4's as they are seven feet long and had one cut into three 29 in lengths at Home Depot. Using brackets, I secure the three 29" lengths at the top, bottom and middle so I now...
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    Looking for Lighting suggestions.

    Don't buy fixtures at the pet store - hit Home Depot or Lowes - I get those clip on shop lights they keep near the extension cords as the only difference between them and the ones the pet stores sell is about twenty bucks each. Same for the heat lights - you can buy a box of a dozen 60 watt...
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    Tegu bite

    Tegu are smart enough to respond to verbal commands. Rex knows what "no/bad" means and will go back into his enclosure when ordered to "go home Rex." He would get over excited about eating when I first got him and snap at my hands, so using fast reflexes and very thick, heavy leather gloves, I...
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    Tegu Enrichment Ideas

    I got Rex a tunnel in the form of a four foot long, eight inch diameter cardboard tube used for cement work - go into the concrete aisle in Home Depot and look where they have the rebar and other stuff. He loves crawling back and forth through it, burrowing under it and even rolling it back and...
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    Tegu first time hissing

    Rex actually "burps" at me when he's agitated - hissing is his happy sound.
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    Update on Killua (Bad vendor experience)

    Trick is that the Florida anti-tegu law is more aimed at folks purchasing them as pets in Florida without destroying the ability to sell them to other states - in other words, he could potentially still sell bad tegus, just not to folks in FL anymore.
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    Tegu enrichment

    With Rex growing so fast I swear I can watch him grow if I stare long enough, he's outgrown previous things I've purchased for his home for shelter and enrichment, thus forcing me to improvise until he stops growing. I gave him a pair of cinderblocks to sun on, with them doubling as caves to...
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    Uncertain about what to do (doesn't like to be handled)

    My "ice" tegu - half B+W and half blue - Rex is around that same age bracket and started rebelling against being picked up as well. I agree on being firm and not rewarding negative behavior - I made that mistake with an iguana and as a result it got progressively worse. When picking Rex up...
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    Water/saliva coming out of B&W tegu

    What are you feeding him as tegu are supposed to gain most of their water from their diet so if he's constantly drinking water, that might just be a diet issue?
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    Tegu won't stop biting at random

    Rex has attempted to burrow into me with his nose numerous times but has never followed it up with biting. My only bite - other than over excited feeding responses - was when I had to capture him after he found a way outside and I was a bit rougher than I would have liked due to the need to get...
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    Upgrade to my water trough tegu home

    While tegu are supposed to be ground dwellers, my ice tegu - B+W crossed with a blue - Rex, disagrees, as he loves climbing. Turns out he's a pretty solid jumper too as he's now capable of leaping to the top and getting out. When he simply feels like laying on the couch that's not a problem...
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    6.5' x 4' Queen bed enclosure? Reasonable for male b/w?

    That should keep your tegu happy till he grows up and if you allow him out to roam and play on a regular basis once he's full grown then he should be fine, especially if you can teach him that's his personal area that he should return to for sleeping and potty.
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    Held hostage by my tegu

    The irony is that I used to make fun of cat owners for telling me that they couldn't get up or more because their cat had fallen asleep on their lap..sigh, karma...