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Recent content by Roger

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    Radiant heat panel or ceramic heat emitter?

    Hello, I have a high enclosure of 80 cm. Now I use radiant heat panels mounted against the top. But I for the electricity bill I want something that can heat better at lower costs. Now I am looking for something else that is warming the air temperature and the surface under it. Is a ceramic...
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    How much minerals/vitamins

    Hello, I give my adult Tegu male sticky tongue farms Miner-All outdoor. I normally dust a little bit per feeding. He get’s three times a week grounded meat. On the package there is a guideline for herbivores. But not for meateaters. Is there a good guideline how much I have to give per feeding...
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    Best Calcium Fosfor ratio for a tegu.

    Hello, What will the best Calcium and Fosfor ratio be for an adult tegu or tegu in general? Regards, roger
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    Still bad shedding from my red tegu male

    Ok, is this with a red too?
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    Still bad shedding from my red tegu male

    The vitamine B complex doesn’t help so far. Give it a few weeks now. How long did it took before the vit B complex helped your red?
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    Still bad shedding from my red tegu male

    Hello, I’ve tried a lot now but still a bad shedding I use special soil a substrate( now dried out as advice) A humid hiding box with spagnum moss. Humidity at 80% provided by a humidifier. Temperature at 45/50 degrees Celsius at hotspot and coldest place 25 degrees Celsius. Vitamine B complex...
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    Respacy Calcium plus, Stickey tongue farm outdoor or reptivite without D3

    So Rapshy is better? And you say with vit D3. I also use Solar Raptor UV lights. Is there not too much vit D3 then if I use both? Regards
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    Respacy Calcium plus, Stickey tongue farm outdoor or reptivite without D3

    Hello, I wonder what you give your tegu’s for vitamine/mineral supplements? I personally give my tegu every feeding a dust of Sticky Tongue Farm every feeding outdoor and once in the two weeks Reptivite vitamine/mineral. Now I have heard of Respacy Calcium Plus. Which is better? And how much...
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    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    Hi, thanks for all the reactions. @rantology, hoe big is your enclosure? Where are the fans located? On top? How should I see it?
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    Humid hidebox

    Hello, What do you use in the hidebox and how high is the humidity? Don’t use this but maybe I should.
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    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    Hi, thanks for your reply! I use ventilation holes in front under the sliding doors and high at the back of the enclosure. What I have red, is this a good way for ventilation. The only thing is, when the humidity is high I have a bit misty front doors.
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    Ventilation options in a enclosure

    Hello, Which ventilation methods do you use for proper ventilation? I am looking for experiences from keepers that use there methods for years.
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    Extreme giant breeders in Europa?

    Hello, Are the extreme giant breeders in Europa? Regards, roger
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    Shedding and skin problems.

    Hi Jorgo, thanks for your reply! I have a mistmaker from Hobby which I have set by a hygrostat on 75%. Day and night. Do I have to push it higher at night? The breeder told me to give him a vitamine B complex in his food. And I also give cod oil in his food since today. Hope that this will...
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    Humidifier setup

    Hello, I have a humidifier from Hobby. Where do I put the outflow of the humidifier in the enclosure? High, middle or low? Now I have it about 10 cm above the substrate. Any suggestions? Regards