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    Newb here. Dying for help. Rather urgent.

    It sounds like a Grow Tent may be a good option for you! I would suggest taking a look at the enclosures section on these forums (or googlin'), there are a number of threads that will give you ideas on how to set one up (like this). They are light weight, easy to disassemble/assemble (compared...
  2. rantology

    Heat Bulbs

    I don't have any advice on PowerSuns but on the topic of longevity, I have been using a 4ft Arcadia Dragon 14% UVB T5 fixture for 2 years now and still haven't needed to replace the bulb (I measure it with a Solarmeter)... then for heat I just use the 72W halogen floodlights that home depot...
  3. rantology

    Fitting giant cages through doors?

    LifetimeHabitats makes tegu enclosures with this exact detail in mind, I would check them out if anything just to get some ideas for your design: https://lifetimehabitats.com/
  4. rantology

    what age should i start feeding my guy every other day?

    Reptilinks are great for that, I totally recommend them as they have inherently about 25% veggies if you get the megablend. I also like to very finely cut up kale and dandelion greens onto the top of my guys meals, he doesn't like it but also cant help but eat some every bite since it will stick...
  5. rantology

    New enclosure, new behavioral issues...

    I would say it's possibly a combination of both. They can become territorial when you introduce them to a new/bigger enclose and guberty can surely amplify that. Its probably a lot to take in for the little one right now, I would say just be consistent with allowing them to free roam and...
  6. rantology

    Do Tegus need to brumate?

    Ah true enough - I do keep my dude's lights on a natural cycle (and he gets some natural outdoor light)
  7. rantology

    Do Tegus need to brumate?

    Yes, you can keep the parameters the exact same and they will still brumate. It is healthy and natural for them breeding or not - you can of course turn heating and lights off just to save power though. Brumation habits do vary from animal to animal, some go down for many months, some for just a...
  8. rantology

    Can a Tegu eat a cat?

    *eat* the cat? I kind of doubt it, cats are just a bit too large for a tegu to swallow I think. That said personally I would never leave the two unsupervised, or really even let any of my cats in the same room as my tegu. They are more than capable of inflicting grievous injury on a cat even if...
  9. Post brumation shed!

    Post brumation shed!

    He's about 1.5 years old now! slept for 5 months!
  10. Happy Darrow

    Happy Darrow

    finally got that brumation shed off.
  11. rantology

    Year Old BW Tegu Appearance question

    Looks pretty normal to me, my guy has a similar structure on his back. Just regular tegu muscle structure - if you're worried about it just keep an eye on it - worst case you can always take him to a vet for a general health checkup but again that looks totally normal IMO
  12. rantology

    Year Old BW Tegu Appearance question

    Has he had the groove since you got him or is it a recent development? Your description makes me think birth defect/ spinal kink. If it's more of an indent where the tail looks like it's sort of ballooned out, then it could be weight/ just muscle or fat that is framing the spine. Picture would help!
  13. rantology


    23 inches of depth is simply not enough for a tegu. The poor thing wouldnt even be able to turn around properly. Consider a different species of reptile if you want to use that footprint. This goes doubly so if you are concerned about cost, a tegu is one of the most expensive reptiles you can keep.
  14. rantology

    Black and white Tegu hatchling.

    Where is the heating pad located? If you could provide a picture of your setup it may be easier to help - the hygrometers should ideally be slightly elevated from the substrate with some space on either side, you basically dont want them touching anything or something that would skew the...
  15. rantology

    Black and white Tegu hatchling.

    You should do the reverse with the humidifier - when the lights and the heat is on, it will burn off moisture faster and drop the humidity. At night, the moisture will stick around no problems. You can/ should turn the lights and the heat off during the night as long as temps aren't falling...