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Recent content by monstruo-the-tegu

  1. monstruo-the-tegu

    Savannah Monitor has suddenly stopped eating and is super skinny

    Side note I don't have the money to take her to a vet.
  2. monstruo-the-tegu

    Savannah Monitor has suddenly stopped eating and is super skinny

    I have had my Sav for about 2 years now and just now she has stopped eating. She is also very skinny. Her temps are 110 basking 90 everywhere else. Her diet is Mostly Turkey and the occasional mouse. Humidity is 40. 4x4x4 cage(Not a real big Sav about 1 1/2 feet long). Cypress mulch substrate...
  3. monstruo-the-tegu

    how to pick up angry savy

    2 feet and a 4x4x4 and cypress mulch about 4 inches deep i just like saying my monitors a girl
  4. monstruo-the-tegu

    Neat monitor experience

    ;_; i wish my savy would do that she would rip my fingers off before i could even touch her back
  5. monstruo-the-tegu

    Feeding my red tegu eggs; cooked well or slightly raw?

    Just do quail eggs you can cook them or leave them raw.The reason why is quails have a high body temp so the eggs don't get salmonella which is pretty cool. One side note is, quail eggs are kinda hard to find
  6. monstruo-the-tegu

    Repashy Savory Stew?

    i haven't tried it but it sounds kinda awesome now all we need is reptile ice cream
  7. monstruo-the-tegu

    Just curious - How much did you spend on your first Gu?

    200$ for monstruo and 300$ for maroon
  8. monstruo-the-tegu

    how to pick up angry savy

    shes a big juvenile in about a year she will be an adult i haven't bothered picking her up because i know it stresses savys
  9. monstruo-the-tegu

    how to pick up angry savy

    I really need to clean my savys cage but she is really really quite threatening but I do not know how i can pick up this angry monitor.
  10. monstruo-the-tegu

    python found in baby crib

    i can just see this effecting the ban on reptiles
  11. monstruo-the-tegu

    python found in baby crib

    Oh this is just amazing the government is gonna use this against reptile owners. Just read http://now.msn.com/living/0708-python-baby.aspx?ocid=ansnow11
  12. monstruo-the-tegu

    What you'd someday want in your collection

    green anaconda killer queen ball python yellow tegu and a gaboon viper
  13. monstruo-the-tegu

    Outside and underground tegu enclosure

    tegus all around the world are jealous
  14. monstruo-the-tegu

    Solid black Columbian Tegu

    that tegu looks awesome
  15. monstruo-the-tegu

    teriyaki beef jerky

    i was watching my tegu eat today and he saw i was eating beef jerky so he came walking over to me and had one or two pieces of jerky. Then went back to eating quail egg and a mouse. I was wondering if i could give him a piece as a treat every once in awhile?