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    Tegu Brumation/Future Breeding?

    I'm not a tegu breeder but I believe most people wait until their 3rd season to breed them.
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    Juvie Tegu sexing question

    Thanks guys, sadly these guys are coming up on one year and I had made major progress. I was able to take them out without a problem but 3 days of tong feeding them hopper mice in their enclosure that were leftover from my weekly ball python baby feeding they are extra aggressive. I been hanging...
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    Juvie Tegu sexing question

    Ok it took awhile but I have finally been able to get my tegus comfortable enough to allow me to pick them up and take pictures. Sorry for taking so long to post but I did not want to take a step back in the trust I was building. I think female This one I think is male Pleased to here...
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    Juvie Tegu sexing question

    Good morning, I have two 10 month Tegus and I decided to try and sex. The big one I thought was a male because of some Jowl I felt around and did not feel a "BB" on it at all, on my smaller one I thought was a female I felt around and on one side I felt a little nub (guessing that's the BB...
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    Baby tegus

    I'm looking at getting two baby Tegus and i'm wondering if I can keep them to start off in a 40 gallon together. I have looked around and found that keeping tegus together is ok providing that they are the same size. Can anyone confirm please or should I go ahead and try to get another 40 gallon...