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Recent content by Josh

  1. Josh

    What I’ve learned so far as a tegu owner!!

    I appreciate your assessment and experience but I did LOL a little how you were like "first: never listen to anything on the internet! now here's my experience re: tegus, posted on the same internet" Sweet enclosure build btw
  2. Josh

    Is hemp a viable option as a substrat

    Oh that's great! Sounds like it should work well then! I'm pretty sure we aren't allowed to use it here because the US suuuuuuucks
  3. Josh

    Feeding Argentine red tegu

    Shrimp is a common one. I dunno about the crab and lobster. Maybe if it's shelled but honestly just send it to me
  4. Josh

    Tegu Food Question

    Hi @Ken 1 deer should be ok but it's very lean so maybe add some fat somehow 2 a lot of Ca in eggshells isnt bioavailable. i'd still supplement with herptivite or similar 3 im not sure what raw foods might be naturally toxic to tegus. probably stay away from stuff on the birds list like cacao...
  5. Josh

    Is hemp a viable option as a substrat

    I'd make sure that it can get wet and stay moist/humid without growing mold and fungii
  6. Josh

    Hyperactive/persistent tegu?

    Yeah the behavior sounds normal. Maybe with a heat spot he'd chill out somewhere. They certainly get to have a mind of their own. it's cute.
  7. Josh

    Biding the time for hibernating tegus

    Yep you needed to decrease temps in the winter and increase temps and daylight cycle NOW. Go ahead and do what you can to elevate temps now. Extend the daylight period. She'll wake up. She's just gonna be groggy cause it's MAY
  8. Josh

    Giant beautiful, friendly 4-foot-long lizards now established in Georgia

    Oh boy...here we go again... https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/giant-invasive-4-foot-long-lizards-now-established-georgia-dnr-says/654LYN7X5ZCPXCVG6XP237RZPA/ "Forget murder hornets. Tegus lizards are posing a real risk to Georgia. "We first told you about the lizards when they moved from...
  9. Josh

    Warning: Tegu Nation Review

    Aaron, the owner of @Tegunation, called me at my store one night needing an incubator. His tegu had just laid eggs at 7pm at night. He was without deli cups, vermiculite, he was in a real bind. I told him don't sweat it, just bring the eggs asap so they don't spoil and I'll get you set up. My...
  10. Josh

    SoCal Wanted: Mature Male Argentine B&W

    Looking for a partner for my female! Let me know what you have!
  11. Josh

    Potential moderator

    Working on hammering out these spam issues. The site's been upgraded and we're really going to fix this problem!
  12. Josh

    Hi Everyone:

    Thanks Yvonne!
  13. Josh

    Zilla has a broken tail tip, Any help?

    Can you post some photos of it?
  14. Josh

    baby tegu afraid of worms?

    The shaking and "throwing" is their attempt at eating stuff that moves. My tegu does this with roaches to disable them.
  15. Josh

    Cage defensive adult male tegu

    Maybe put a towel or blanket over part of his enclosure so you aren't as apt to scare him. That will help when you're approaching him and his enclosure. Just be patient and keep working with him.