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  1. Jeremyxb12

    Help! (Eye Problem)

    Update: Blue went to the vet today and they took care of the problem. Now I have some ointment to put on her eye for the next few days. She's doing well.
  2. Jeremyxb12

    Help! (Eye Problem)

    Should keep her out of her substrate?
  3. Jeremyxb12

    Help! (Eye Problem)

    Something happened to my little girls eye. It looks like something inside came out and it may be a part of her. What can I do???
  4. Jeremyxb12

    Bad experience with a vendor

    This is absolutely horrible. F UGR. I'm never buying from them again. I got lucky with mine, but seeing yours the way she was, is just sad and unforgivable.
  5. Jeremyxb12

    New owner!! Seeking advice…

    I got mine at a week old. She was a voracious eater when it came to crickets. And by that I mean she didn't snag one and eat it on the spot. No, she killed everyone of them before eating, even if she had one in her mouth. But I would start now with giving it turkey and a little veggies. Chances...
  6. Jeremyxb12

    3 week old black and white argentine tegu

    Best way to start is to do it now. Even if he hisses at you or flares himself. Once you hold him he'll realize you're not really a threat. Trust me, he will learn real fast that you're a friend, not a foe. When you aren't around or when it's time for the gu to go to bed, put the shirt you wore...
  7. Jeremyxb12

    Rose city reptiles

    I've heard a lot of good things from rose city. If ypubfollow him on YouTube, he's pretty knowledgeable and even handles the tegus before shipping them out. Honestly you picked a really great breeder.
  8. Jeremyxb12

    How old is my Tegu

    Looks to be a yearling to 1 ½ years
  9. Jeremyxb12

    Early Brumation?!

    I would suggest looking at your Temps again. If you're saying you've had your bearded for six years and has never done that, then chances are something is off. But to be honest animals are more in tune with nature and they may be sensing that it's getting darker earlier and colder. I live in...
  10. Jeremyxb12

    Weird egg story. Has anyone heard of this happening?

    I haven't heard of this before, but I do know that if ypu want a successful breeding season and egglaying, brumation is necessary. Now I know blues don't need to brumate, but ypu said yours was a blue ice? So that tegunis no longer a pure blue so no brumatiing may have had a huge impact on her...
  11. Jeremyxb12


    Hey everyone. I'm looking to be getting a humidifier soon but I can't find one that I think would work well. Does anyone have suggestions?
  12. Jeremyxb12

    Baby tegu wont eat in new enclosure

    Whenever being moved to a new place whether a new house or terrarium, you gotta give them some time to adjust. Don't worry. Give him 24-36 hours and try again.
  13. Jeremyxb12

    Male/Female help?

    Best thing to do is wait and see to be 100% sure lol
  14. Jeremyxb12

    Male/Female help?

    Wow even with those great photos, it's hard to say. But I think it may be female.
  15. Jeremyxb12

    New tegu hiding or brumating?

    You need to raise your basking Temps up. They should be from 120° to 135° ambient air on basking side should be around 95°-110° while cool side should be about 75°-85°. If basking spot is low, adjust to above Temps. To make sure it's that temperature, get a temp gun and point directly at...