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    Tegu cage

    I did and PayPal reimbursed me back for the lost.
  2. Iron Soldier91

    Tegu cage

    That is history now. Thanks
  3. Iron Soldier91

    Buying tegu

    I adopted Tiberius from Tegusonly.com last year of summer. He was less than a year. I originally do read watch about baby Tegu and enclosure. For a baby one people recommended at least 40 gallon that will buy you some times to built an actual cage. I’m no carpenter but because of great sense of...
  4. Iron Soldier91

    Tegu cage

    Tegus never arrive and I got scammed.
  5. Iron Soldier91


    What I did on my Tiberius he is almost a year old the first time I adopted him from Tegusonly.com. For a week I put some of my old clothes inside his cage to get use of my scent. After 3 days I tempted him to eat outside his cage me present next to him. The next day I let him roam the room me...
  6. Iron Soldier91

    He thinks im food..

    What kind of Tegu u have? Did u try to feed him food in the a dish plate outside his cage? My experience was that the behavior of Tegu is depend on how u raise the animal in captivity or what kind of Tegu is it.I still watch my Argentine Tegu when he is near my foot or my body just in case. Even...
  7. Iron Soldier91

    When asking for help with your tegu...

    U wanting to have a Tegu and knowing the commitment and the risk that required from you are half the battle of becoming a proud owner of this amazing animal. The rest be open and ask honest question. You’ll learn as the Tegu grow with you. Love them and be patient. Goodluck
  8. Iron Soldier91

    Why Whole Prey.

    U can feed your Tegu not necessary whole prey. That is just another miss conception about feeding captive animal. If you prefer whole prey that good and if u prefer chicken, meat, fruit, veg is that is good too. I don’t personally feed my Tegu live prey just because u don’t know where it came...
  9. Iron Soldier91

    Do You Own a Temp Gun?

    Temp gun is great. I recommend to anyone. Do u know Walmart sell temp gun over the hardware dept.
  10. Iron Soldier91

    Why Whole Prey.

    I feed my Tiberius dark meat chicken and chicken gizzards. I prefer not to feed them live prey. The problem of Tegus owner that their captive animal is not getting the exercise they need. Tegus are born to roam and climb. The high protein which ever u feeding the Tegu are not getting process...
  11. Iron Soldier91

    Tiberius love to pose for a picture taking everytime he reach the top of my desk.

    Tiberius love to pose for a picture taking everytime he reach the top of my desk.
  12. Iron Soldier91

    Advice with Interaction/Taming

    All this has something to do about spending quality time. Tegu is the smartest reptile but nothing compared to a dog or cat. Tegu require an interrupted relationship or otherwise u lose it. The good news is u can always start over and Tegu will retain what he remember. Just be patient and it...
  13. Iron Soldier91

    Urgent - safe, affordable substrate?

    Here in Arizona cypress mulch is very expensive at pet store. To fill a 6x4x4 will cost me $125. So I use organic topsoil, organic peat moss, a bag of sand plus coconut fiber. I kept the topsoil with bag of sand mix in the button n I ad on top a peat moss coconut fiber. I water the substrate...
  14. Iron Soldier91

    Tegus Only . Com

    I purchase Tiberius from him n it’s great ever since. Tiberius is very healthy n like Rodney said that Tegu like to be with people. Treat Tegu like it is not like dog or cat. The behavior of Tegu is entirely how u take care of it. Good luck.
  15. Iron Soldier91

    Need to rehome

    Hope u find good home for him. It break my heart wh en this things happen. Tegu did not for this to happen n I’m glad u trying what is best for him.