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  1. got10

    Free Tegu food

    im in nassau ten minutes from the queens border,i could use some as well if you have anymore to spare
  2. got10

    Male? Or female?

    frel for any little BB balls on either side of vent. If you cant feel them then most likely female OR wait for it to poop and watch what pops out either side of the vent
  3. got10

    Average price for blue tegu?

    I got my blue today and i am to say the least, Very PLEASED . Transaction was very smooth and the lizard beautiful. I will recommend Ty to ANYONE. very very happy. I was going to do snakes at sunset but was put off for the price, though.
  4. got10

    more receptive?

    I noticed that there are many blue x red, B/W x red, and blue /bw crosses. Which of the three has females more receptive to crossing ? The reds ,blues or b/w?
  5. got10

    Argentine/Colombian Cross??

    put up some pics of your cross. Im sure there are tons of people that would LOVE to see what that looks like. I would really be interested in pics of the scale patterns of the lips and head. where did you pic this animal up as well
  6. got10

    Anyone have a blue from Ty?

    I just received my blue this morning . S/he is beautiful. 325 shipped was the price. it arrived happy healthy and alert. I WILL be be doing bussiness with Ty again in the future
  7. got10

    pair Babie argentina Black & white tegus with eggs for sale

    I saw a pic of my son's tegu for sale on craigslist. funny thing thouigh is that it was a pic thief trying to sell a Columbian as used my sons pic of his Argentine to dupe buyers
  8. got10

    Grazing behavior?

    Newsflash! Gonzo was trying to get the moles gophers UNDER the lawn. He and Magnet dug some out and made quick work of them
  9. got10


    I agree with Carnicero 100% with feed outside tank . I currently own 9 tegus (had 10 til sandy killed off my blue). and I can tell you smart or not , a scrape from the teeth can and WILL open your hand up . If you search craigslist you can find an Argentine or two pretty cheap because the "cool...
  10. got10

    Grazing behavior?

    Gonzo likes his greens and veggies as much if not MORE than his meat . But, I never have seen a tegu eat like that . Iggys ,tortioses but never tegus. It was just very suprising to me
  11. got10

    Grazing behavior?

    I had Gonzo and the crew out this morning taking advantage of the free UV rays, while my son was playing in the yard, And lo and behold while the other Gu's are walking around the yard, Gonzo was eating something.And anyone knows that they will eat whatever whenever wherever even if its not good...
  12. got10

    Raw Meat Sausages

    Before I left my job at the meat dept at KK I used to use the meat from the lugs (Carnicero knows what im talking about) a make my own sausages from what we had there . And also from whatever meat didnt sell before it was out dated turkey and chicken mostly with plenty of greens thrown in there...
  13. got10

    Another attempt to "Slaughter" our pets.

    I just put that fax number on loop . She will be hearing er .. reading alot from what I have to say . We will be heard. As a pet owning gun owner sugary beverage consuming coffe drinking red bull guzzling tax payer. I have alot to say .
  14. got10

    For Sale - Chacoan/Blue Hybrid

    location? [hr] location?
  15. got10

    Roadkill as meat for tegus...

    in total agreement here . I have shepherd /wolf hybrid . Love him to death , would NOT recommend them to ANYONE though.