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  1. Godzilla Earth

    Free Male Red Tegu in WA.

    Nice looking lizard! hope you can re-home him soon
  2. Godzilla Earth

    yearling purple with enclosure

    @NicksZoo any luck yet?
  3. Godzilla Earth


  4. Godzilla Earth

    Male Blue Tegu for sale

    It says that the link is expired?
  5. Godzilla Earth

    Male Blue Tegu for sale

    is he still avaliable?
  6. Godzilla Earth

    yearling purple with enclosure

    is she still avalible?
  7. Godzilla Earth

    When to take to the vet?

    Yeah getting her outside sounds like a really good idea, plus she would love the fresh air :)
  8. Godzilla Earth

    Picky eater, and skidish

    He will probably look really nice and beautiful :)
  9. Godzilla Earth

    Meet Rockie

    Cute tegu and beautiful animal! looks like your doing a great job with him. :)
  10. Godzilla Earth

    Water monitor?

    well, im not an expert but i can say that they will want much more water. you might even need a place for them to swim. I've heard that they make very nice pets. hope you are able to get one soon:)
  11. Godzilla Earth

    Tail issues

    its possible that its a tail infection. I would get it checked by a vet if i were you
  12. Godzilla Earth

    First Tegu named Ted Bundy?

    aw look at the little guy! must have took a lot to convice your wife
  13. Godzilla Earth

    Brand new here!

    That is horrible! I hope he is in a better place
  14. Godzilla Earth

    yearling purple with enclosure

    390 with shipping or 390 for just shipping?