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    Brand new here!

    Here are a couple pics of my enclosures :—) hope this helps!
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    Should I fast my tegu?

    has this been a recent change? Possibility she is preparing for brumation. Does she always eat mice and eggs and turns down other options?
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    Water monitor?

    These boards have been pure gold for my tegu. I’m now pre researching water monitors. Anyone have experience? Wish there was a similar message board site for them! Besides the obvious difference in size and risk, what are some of the fundamental differences between my argie tegu and a water...
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    Drop from shoulder :—/

    Update. Monstro seems to have sustained no injuries. A week later and no changes to behavior or diet. He spent a couple days allowing me to earn back his trust. Now he’s back to all climb all the time status. I try to curb it but he gets super frustrated. I’ve decided to let him climb only when...
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    New Tegu Issues

    I’ve learned that your tegu is your tegu. Read him. I mean, also read here because people have really good info but understand it will be conflicting and so you’ll just have to read your individual..I read “just grab them, or you are wasting valuable bonding time” I’ve also read “absolutely...
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    4 month old not eating. Please help!

    I had the same problem! I was on day ten when I went for the secret weapon, super small live pinkie mouse. He couldn’t resist. After that I moved to roaches and a few weeks later fruits.
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    Drop from shoulder :—/

    Ok I have a baby B&W that loooves to climb. These forums have been a godsend . Started with tub training, feeding in a Tupperware and never picking him up only letting him walk on me and the bonding accelerated 10x faster than when I was grabbing him and trying to force “love me!” Problem is -...