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  1. Debita

    substrate question

    The walls shouldn't sweat either. Do you have a good hygrometer?
  2. Debita

    Animal Plastics T70 Review

    I agree - the height might be overrated for Tegus. Especially once they're an adult. Thx for the info.
  3. Debita

    Tegu with eating

    How old is your Tegu? My adult sleeps a lot. Not brumating, just happy with his hide, and not interested in human interaction unless he's hungry. Does he have a lot of water? Is his tongue a healthy pink?
  4. Debita

    Tegu stuck shed

    I just ordered betadine and chlorhexadine to use on my adult male. His tail has been stuck for months. Soaks haven't worked for me. I do believe the oils have to be beneficial. Tried the Vita-B Complex too. I think it may be constipating him, so I've had to discontinue it. Someone talked...
  5. Debita

    My Gu Is Very Small

    I thought your temps could have been too warm, especially considering the size of your tank. I just posted to your previous posting back in April I think. It's been about 4 months - I'm not sure he's doing so bad. Parasite free...and he looks healthy. About 10-12 inches seems short, but he...
  6. Debita

    Pink skin. Heed help.

    What are the temps in the enclosure? At 2 months, even the basking area should only be at about 100 degrees. Could it be the heat?
  7. Debita

    When does breeding season end for blue tegus?

    I could be wrong, but I think it's 4-6 weeks in total. Here's an opinion from "tegusfromaroundtheworld"... Argentine tegus breed soon after they come out from hibernation. About three weeks to a month after they emerge from hibernation. The males begin to actively pursue the females. Copulation...
  8. Debita


    So @Vincifer ....it's been about 4 months. How's your guy doing?
  9. Debita

    Young tegu burrows super early

    Is he still getting used to you? I can't remember when you got him but some of them are very stubborn. My male was hard-core stubborn and hated me for about a year before he gave in. Not to suggest that's happening, but it might be! They are very strong willed, like "they'll show you!" Not...
  10. Debita

    Young tegu burrows super early

    It can be trying when they have other ideas! lol That's when you really do have to win out. It's important that they don't get they're own way, when it's not healthy. Just like a puppy or a child. Once they're adults, they seem to just roll their eyes (like Skully did today when I pulled...
  11. Debita

    New baby tegu sleeping almost the whole day

    I thought your temps were right on for his age. As he gets closer to a year, you can raise the temps for the basking, and I think the humidity could use a bump.
  12. Debita

    Young Tegu not eating, been home for a while

    Walter1 is right. I'd even lower the basking to 105-110 since he's so small still.
  13. Debita

    Prolapse vs. Hemipenes

    Good picture of the hemipenes.....prolapse looks more like tissue protruding from the vent.
  14. Debita

    Medium Argentine Red Tegu

    He looks very young - what is his size? About 18-20"? Are you sure he's a male?
  15. Debita

    Young tegu burrows super early

    Hey Nikki - They def have their own drum they march to - I had to pull my (adult) male out today to feed him and he mostly wasn't interested. Currently he will go 4 or even 5 days without coming out of his hide. I wouldn't worry too much, but watch that he's getting his water, and try to...