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  1. Debita

    My first Tegu

    Hard to put a time frame on it... There are so many differences with every Tegu when it comes to their anxiety level. Because yours is so young, I'd guess it will be no more than a few weeks, but it's a guess. Some of them are really dominant and can carry on for a long while. We all talk...
  2. Debita

    Red Tummy

    Agree with Roadkill, but the name has caught on, and you can pretty much count on the wild-caughts from Florida to have them....like a signature. If there's red scales anywhere else on the animal, like it's face, I would presume it was crossed somewhere with a red. With breeders lying about...
  3. Debita

    Questions about whites tree frogs

    You might find someone on this forum that has had one, but - this forum is about Tegu lizards, and I don't think the care would be common to frogs, so you may not get much of a response here. Have you googled "Humidity requirement for whites tree frog"?
  4. Debita

    Prolapse and no vet for two weeks?!

    If it were mine, and I am NOT a vet - (but did have a small prob with prolapse after a serious prob with impaction) - I would keep coaxing it back in after it's cleaned. Hopefully (I know, not much to go on here), it will not become chronic. Gotta keep at it and then maybe catch the vet. It...
  5. Debita

    New Tegu, Is this normal?

    Totally normal behavior. They don't trust easily. They always freak out when they're moved from one place to another. At 16" - he's so young, so don't forget - you'll still be dealing with puberty down the road....maybe within 6 months. Good luck!!
  6. Debita

    New here :)

    Congrats!! Nice of you to do the rescue - I know first hand that they can be angry about their situation when you first get them. Mine was angry for about 10 months, but he has given it all up for a good jowl scratch - lol. He's been happy for almost 2 years now, and left all the anger and...
  7. Debita

    Help with Argentinian tegu

    When my male adult had an eye close, someone on this forum told me to kick up the humidity. That totally worked, and he's never had the problem since - over a year and a half. My Tegu's bulbs are about 3 ft in height from where he resides. The height of the enclosure is 4ft. He's doing well...
  8. Debita


    Agree with Rantology. The 8ft was looking good, but they need 4ft of depth, so 23" would be way cramped.
  9. Debita

    Heat cables or heat mats under flagstones

    I don't use them, and feel they're unnecessary. The bask light is only used by them for short periods during the day, and they don't seem to seek out other heat - in my exerience. My beardie, and other lizards I have love the heated stone in their tank.
  10. Debita

    My tegu is constipated

    I've had serious issues where I almost lost my male with impaction probs. Not pooping for 3 days isn't cause for immediate alarm. I don't know your's age, but adult Tegus don't normally poop every day. Check your basking temps if you're still worried. 115dg-125dg for an adult, and up to...
  11. Debita

    Tegu with a bearded dragon

    My Beardie freaks out if he "sees" the Tegu. Complete anxiety in a fraction of a second. I have had them for 3 years, but they don't cross paths. I've never seen my beardie like that before or since the encounter happened, where I unintentionally took the beardie in the same room with the...
  12. Debita

    24/7 Free Roaming Tegu, but still has Accesses to an Enclosure.

    Cute buddies!! Looking happy
  13. Debita

    Meet Rent everyone!

    Beautiful, and very happy!
  14. Debita

    Her name is Sketchy!!!!

  15. Debita

    New Here

    Make sure you're serious about their temperament - they aren't like beardies at all. Because they're smarter, they have bigger personalities and even problems with behavior until they've been oriented with you for awhile. Lots of people write in saying "my Tegu was so sweet, and now he's a...