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    Wanted: Adult Male Red & Argentine

    Actually Reds don't only range in argentina - they also range into Paraguay. It's commonly accepted that the common name "argentine tegu" is T. merinae - so not sure the confusion It's pretty obvious what I'm looking for but since apparently I need to break it down 1.0 Tupinambis merinae 1.0...
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    Wanted: Adult Male Red & Argentine

    I am looking for: 1.0 Adult Male Argentine Tegu 1.0 Adult Male Red Tegu These are for a customer of mine that needs them for educational talks they give. Thanks ~Kevin
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    Wanted: Adult Male Red & Argentine

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for an adult male red and adult male argentine tegu. Please email me with info and pics: [email protected] I have tons of stuff to trade as well if that's more what you're into. Cheers! ~Kevin
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    Moderator No More

    Well this is the second time I've been demoted here with out a word being said to me about it. First I was a Vice Admin- demoted to "super moderator" Now I'm just a member. Very interesting. Now I dont really care about being stripped of any title here. I do care that is it was done...
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    Mold Growing On Back of Tegu During Hibernation?

    I wouldnt bother with the bath. Try to wipe it off. I see no point in the bath, other than disturbing the animals more than need be. Remove them, clean it out use drier substrate. The end
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    Outdoor cage in Norcal

    Austin, With proper planning and preparation you should be able to keep an argentine outdoors if not all year, most of the year in your city :)
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    Wild Tegu Pictures

    That's what I thought when I saw the pictures. Hopefully Bobby gets to have a look at this.
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    Wild Tegu Pictures

    My coworker recently took a trip to Argentina. These pictures are not great, but still cool considering they are truly wild tegus. (he's said they moved too much to get a good picture but gave me what he had) They were taken at Iguazu National Park on the Argentina/Brazil Border.
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    A few got loose!

    The worms dont eat substrate. They will eat what's in/on the substrate (leftover tegu food ie. turkey, or even tegu feces) People should use more common sense with regards to loose insects in a cage. there's a lot of "it will hurt my lizard, remove them all" and this might be feasible for...
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    A few got loose!

    I had so many superworms escape in my old tegu cages that they turned to beetles and started breeding in there. It's really not a big problem at all.
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    snake breeding

    Garter snakes are indeed my favorite snakes. Small and attractive, plus they are live bearers so no messing with eggs. Here's just a couple of mine I should have some w/c adult blue ones for sale next week - if you're interested pm me
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    ugh- I hope this doesnt go any further - last thing I want to do is "moderate"
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    Red v. All American hibernation

    It is perfectly normal for a new tegu not to be seen for a week or more. This happens when a new animal is brought home no matter what time of year it is.
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    Trio of babies

    Hi Mark, Spot is impressive. I can't wait for me lepidus to attain adult size! The soil i use is this http://www.idealtruevalue.com/servlet/the-47330/Detail Al natural' The terrarium I have the 4 juvieniles in is 4' x 2' x 3. I will be obtaining a couple more screen enclosures over the...
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    Trio of babies

    I throw fruit in the enclosure with mine, but they ignore it still- it's mostly for the loose insects to eat. Since I have brought mine indoors because a month or two of very cool weather they have been eating like pigs. While they were outside they werent eating much and weren't growing much...