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Where and How to buy a tegus (chacoan).

Discussion in 'For Sale, Wanted, or Trades' started by 4leggedsnake, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. 4leggedsnake

    4leggedsnake New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and do not currently own a tegu. I wanted to gets some info on buying a tegus, specifically a chacoan. No rush, I'm planning on buying next season. I've been researching for quite some time now and was dead set on purchasing a hatchling from Varnyard, however based on some threads I've read on a few forums it looks like I won't be buying from Bobby next season as most of you are aware. Varnyard's pics are what ultimately sold me. I've seen footage from both underground and teguterra, but Bobby's chacoans seem to be exceptionally white and thats what i want, a really white chacoan! Does anyone know of any breeders of exceptionally white chacoans? My other question is has anyone ever ask a breeder to get the first pick of the clutch. I understand that out of the entire clutch there will be a few that will be exceptionally white and unique. How can I insure that I get one? I've seen a video of Bobby and a hatchling. He states that out of the entire clutch the one he is holding was one of a kind. The black stripes on it were ultra thin, you could tell it was gonna turn out extra white, like the juvenile he now has on his home page for $800. Last thing i want to do is purchase a chacoan by mail and get one that mostly black, i don't want buyers remorse. Should i ask to see a pic first b4 I buy? Hope I'm not being to picky. Wish there was a local breeder in AZ to improve the buying experience. Any buying tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Jeremyxb12

    Jeremyxb12 Member

    You could give johnny a try at teguterra or try undergroundreptiles.com
  3. Bubblz Calhoun

    Bubblz Calhoun Moderator Staff Member

    Las Vegas, NV.
    Welcome to the site :).
    Keep an eye on the classifieds local, on this site as well as others like kingsnake and fauna. People are always selling tegus of different types, sizes and ages throughout the year for different reasons. Some are from bobby as well as other breeders.

    I don't know of anyone that would give you first pick, that's usually for the breeder and where hold backs come in. When purchasing over the net you should always ask to see pics not just a pic, recent at that. You can even ask them to take a pic with a newspaper showing the date that day. It's up to them whether or not they do it and up to you whether or not you continue to do business with them.

    There was someone on here selling their tegu recently because it's hibernating or something, don't remember if it's an extreme or not. But if hibernation isn't something you can deal with then don't get a tegu, it can, does happen and should be expected to a degree.

    KABIKANO Member

    Although the majority would disagree, I had a smooth transaction with Varnyard, had a great experience with Underground and nothing but positive things to say about Javier; a private breeder. Gotta follow your gut bro. Do research and make phone calls. When you see an opening, take it. Ask a lot of questions. If a seller is not willing to take the time to answer all of your questions, don't buy. Good luck and you're not alone, we've all been through this phase of acquiring our little buddies.
  5. Deac77

    Deac77 Active Member

    Lubbock, Texas
    There's a chacoan on Fauna right now
  6. TegusRawsome80

    TegusRawsome80 Active Member

    There's a Chacoan sale from TeguTerra on I think Kingsnake right now. Just search the classifieds.
  7. Danny

    Danny Member

    Hi i am new here .. I spoke with Johnny @ tegu terra on 11/9 and I purchased a Chacoan Yearing. I should be getting him this week. He still had some youngsters left. I'd give a call and see what he's got left?

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